Single Light Examination Lamp

STARLED1 EVO is an examination lamp which, thanks to an innovative illumination system based on LED technology (Light Emitting Diodes) offers an exceptional performance fit to meet the needs of those who use it, eliminating the disadvantages of conventional lighting.

Cold Light
LEDs produce a light beam without infrared rays (IR) and therefore without heat. This cold light will not alter or change the target temperature on the surgical field or on the surgeons head.

White Light
Thanks to the new LED technology it produces an unparalleled quality of light.
The light colour temperature (CCT) is 4.900 °K  as sun light and the colour rendering index (CRI) is 95.
While the conventional light bulb starts losing efficiency from its first stage of use, high-powered LED have a very linear yield and negligible performance decay for their life duration.

Long life
LEDs are semiconductors.
For this reason they have an average life much longer than that of the conventional bulbs with a very low energy consumption.



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